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Endlessly looking for the right diet and training strategy to get results? Fed up with the conflicting information in the media and online? We provide the solutions to all your health and fitness problems


Nutrition and training by a World Champion

Our nutrition and training strategies are the same methods that have taken R2T coach Jay Magee to his 2019 Men's Physique Drug Tested World Championship.

Jay is meticulous in his approach and know what it takes to build muscle and burn body fat whether it be for himself or working with his many transformations.

Structural assessments with a movement specialist

Chris has spent 10 years learning his trade as a personal trainer. He has now embarked upon his undergraduate degree in Osteopathy. The R2T platform provides an online basis for helping people with movement issues and coming up with strategies and protocols to excel in your training.

If you have an existing movement problem or encounter one during your training plan, we have services in place to assist you in overcoming the issue and get you lifting again.

What we do​

Our goal is simple, we want to combine world class physique training and osteopathic movement principles to provide an online training experience like no other.

We intend to educate all our clients so they understand the thought process behind our methods, not just following systems.  We have packages to cater for all needs and will guide you to the most suitable option for you. 

Don't just take our word for it though, take a look at our results track record.